Shehu Dikko Gives Update On Rohr’s Contract Renewal Saga

Oluwole Ola
Oluwole Ola

Update On Rohr’s Contract Renewal  as the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)  turned to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to manage Gernot Rohr’s salary process. The German coach was previously paid in foreign currency before the NFF advised he starts getting paid in Nairas ahead of signing his new contract extension.

“There is absolutely no issue whatsoever (about the new contract for Rohr) and everything is going through it normal due process and all required levels within the NFF,” Shehu Dikko said via NationSport.

Rohr, who is on reported $55,000 monthly salary and other allowances has enjoyed his wages in foreign exchange since 2016 when he took the reins of the Super Eagles but NFF President Amaju Pinnick only last week reiterated that it would no longer be business as usual.

As reported last week, the NFF’s president Amaju Pinnick said Rohr can only earn a new deal if he agrees to live in Nigeria, get paid in the local currency and develop home-grown players…

“What the NFF President said in his TV interview with regards to some key terms on the update on Rohr’s contract renewal, the NFF want to deepen in the new contact being worked on was nothing new as he has said the same things several times this year,” continued Dikko.

“Recall there was an even a ban on transaction with foreign currency within Nigeria and even recently CBN have issued another further regulations which further banned transfer of dollars that is paid to any account in cash.

“So you can only transfer Dollars that come into your account through transfer or something like that; paying Rohr in Naira actually made things easy for both parties as he will simply take what he wants to spend here and spend; then formally go through CBN official channels to transfer what he wants to transfer abroad

“This is how CBN regulates it so everything will be documented. So it doesn’t hurt anybody to pay him in Naira but make it all easier and clear to monitor within the CBN regulatory framework.

“I assure you there is no acrimony and this is not the first time Rohr contract is being extended as the same was done in 2018 seamlessly,” concluded the NFF Vice President.

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