REPORT: Mane Donates 18 Million Naira To Fight Coronavirus In Senegal

Oluwole Ola
Oluwole Ola

Senegal’s skipper and Liverpool forward Sadio Mane has reported to have donated £41,000 (N18 million) to help fight the pandemic in his home country.

Mane has made his donation to the FCFA, a health body fighting coronavirus in Senegal, with a total of 27 confirmed cases in his home country. The forward known for giving back to the society, and now, amid the fight against the coronavirus.

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Speaking to BBC Sport, his agent said Mane made the said donation ‘spontaneously when he saw the evolution of the situation.’

The Champions League winner also took to his social media to advise his county people to take the virus ‘extremely seriously’, before giving his followers tips on how to stave off the disease by applying ‘disinfectant or wash your hands for at least 30 seconds’.

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