Ranking The Top 20 Players In The Last Decade

Oluwole Ola

Lionel Messi was crowned the 2019 Ballon d’Or winner on Monday night in Paris, capping an incredible year during which he won La Liga, was crowned The Best FIFA Men’s Player and finished as the Champions League top scorer with 12 goals ahead of holding aloft this golden globe.

With the ceremony done and dusted and we are edging towards the end of a decade, it’s only natural that you start to look back on what’s happened.

The 10-year junctures we partition our lives into make for good nostalgic checkpoints; they let us segment and judge or evaluate.

On these episodes of the hindsight pod, we thought to roll it back a decade, and rank the world’s top 20 footballers in their peak years over a 10 year window.

And surely, we hear you asking – on what basis, what are the criteria and why rank them at all.

Something tells me, when you’re done listening to the podcasts, those questions would have been answered or maybe not. Whatever the case we won’t be too far off as we’ve got the benefit of hindsight.

So here are the ground rules.

  • The ranking only captures peak performances over the last decade; for clarity the best football players between January 2010 – November 2019.
  • The player must have had 5 or more consecutive peak years within the last decade.
  • The player must have had some incredibly outstanding performances and moments for club and country

It’s a tricky period to capture, but it does somewhat coincide the genesis of the Messi- Ronaldo duopoly, which makes makes us even more interested to find out the actors in the supporting cast for all these years.

The nominations isn’t something we’ve taken lightly, it taken, a few animated person, cracked voices, late nights and heart palpitations to come up with our 20 man list.

On the podcast we have, Solace Chukwu who on his worst day tries to remains calm, but even he got animated during the nominations.

Macaulay McDubus aka. Cerebrone our Spanish consulate.

Olakunle Rufai, the mastermind and one who looks like Memphis Depay  and Wole, who put it all together with Yubby Nduonofit your host.

Hot Takes

  • Jose Mourinho (where will Spurs finish)
  • Favourites for the Euros
  • If Rohr has done enough to get a new contract
  • Ballon D’or ranking
  • Top 20 of the decade ranking
  • Honorary mention (those that missed out)


First Part 

Second Part 

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