Lobi Stars Reject Consensus From NPFL Teams To Annul The Season

Oluwole Ola


Following the cancellation of the Nigerian Professional Football League by the LMC, Lobi Stars have put out a statement rejecting the method to be adopted to determine the position each team is placed.

The club owners voted for the “PPG system to be adopted” which is points per game. In simple terms, the total points amassed by each team will be divided by the number of games played.

Leaders Plateau United will remain champions having the highest PPG ratio.

Lobi Stars decision to reject this method (among other reasons) is because of the irregularity in the number of games played by Enyimba which gives them a upper hand in the PPG ratio to finish in 3rd place. 

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1.It is no longer news that the NPFL 2019/2020 came to a halt on the 18th March, 2020 as a result of the global natural disaster of COVID-19, a situation that has pushed the league in to “force majeure” thereby necessitating possible options to bring the league to a fair and amicable end.

2. Recall, some few weeks ago, The Chairman of LMC Mallam Shehu Dikko on a channels TV show communicated adoption of the PPG mechanism which was unsuccessfully tested in French Lique 1. A French court has already declare it illegal after Olympic Lyonnais and other affected Clubs took the matter for judicial interpretation.

3. Lobi Stars have continued to cry wolf since then as the LMC have been working round the clock to pacify other clubs in to endorsing the illegal PPG mechanism just to favour one Club.

4. The LMC among other means of trying to achieve the illegality have to play on the sensibilities of the four Clubs in the drop zone by first cancelling relegation to NNL. Incidentally, the Chairman of The Club Owners is a beneficiary of the no relegation arrangement which makes it convenient for LMC to go ahead with the unpopular intention with less pressure as he is conveniently doing the hatchet job for LMC other than standing for the conventional truth.

5. Plateau United that is on top of the table had nothing to lose with or without PPG, the other clubs that have nothing to gain or lose with or without PPG could easily compromise for pecuniary gains.

6. The shocking revelation was that, Rivers United voted themselves out of CAF Champions League, not minding the huge funding of The Rivers State Government and efforts of the technical department to have been placed as league runners up for a consideration that only him can explain.

6. Lobi Stars have been propagating and will continue to propagate the illegality of the PPG aimed at tinkering with the league table to favour Enyimba that was partly responsible for throwing away the CAF Champions League second slot which was later restored by the same Lobi Stars that the LMC conspired to cheat out of the continent.

7. The whole idea of The PPG argument is premised on the singular reason that there is inequality in the number of games by Enyimba who have accumulated 5 outstanding games for no fault of any of the 19 other NPFL Clubs in the name of playing in the continent. It’s quite laughable that 4 of the games are first round games there by violating the league standard that state inter-alia that, after the first round, there shall be second round. It was expected that first round matches were not to be carried over to second round if there was no bad motive ab-initio.

8. More to it, playing less number of games should not for any reason give any club advantage over the ones that play more games, rather playing less games should constitute a disadvantage. Fair play is been summersaulted as the PPG is giving advantage to Enyimba who are magically been catapulted from 5th position to 2nd position.

To buttress our conviction that the result of the voting was premeditated;

A. In the introductory part of the release leading to the voting process, signed by the executive secretary of Club Owners Association Mr Alloy Chukwuemeka on behalf of the Chairman Barr Isaac Danladi had clearly stated that, the Government is not contemplating return to sporting activities any time soon, as such, the option of Super 6 was already eliminated. I wonder how and why Super 6 which is not within the powers of the LMC or The Club owners was factored as an option.

B. The first and natural option which would have been to freeze the league table as it is, and send the three top ranking teams Pleateau United, Rivers United and Lobi Stars respectively to the continent was completely omitted.

C. The leadership of the club owners left the forum with no option to chose from as the PPG mechanism was the only option left to vote for or abstain. An arrangement that is premeditated to perpetuate the illegality of the PPG.

D. This charade has brazenly expose us as what seemed non negotiable has been twisted in broad day light because of an attempt to place an anointed club on the continental representation list.

E. The LMC through the federation has the prerogative to send any club to the continent without any form of competition, The LMC would have gone ahead to exercise such discretionary powers without really trying to seek legitimacy of an illegal doctrine in a disgraceful and laughable manner.

F. How can you explain a situation where 18 out of 20 of The NPFL Clubs, wholly owned and funded by State Governments with decision making boards and a decision as crucial as voting on ending the league will be communicated to Club chairmen same day on a non working day and the voting process was still expected to take place same day as if the Chairmen are not accountable to other authorities. Another pointer that laid validity to the strong suspicion of premeditation of the entire process.

We hereby call on the Minister of Sports and The Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) to disregard the charade displayed by the club owners in an attempt to perpetrate the PPG illegality, look at the merit of the matter and make sure a fair and conventional option is arrived at.

We say No to PPG and table adjustment, as PPG has never been an option in case of force majeure and can not start now.

Austin Tyowua
Media Officer, Lobi Stars FC
For: Management

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