From Grace To Grass – Timeline Of Unfortunate Events In The Life Of Ronaldinho

Oluwole Ola

Argubaly football’s greatest genuises and entertainer. Ronaldinho had the world at his feet in his prime.

The Brazilian forward, still only 39, won two Fifa World Player of the Year Awards, as well as a Ballon d’Or at the peak of his powers. Ronaldinho’s life has gone through a sudden decline since his Barcelona heyday

After officially retiring from the game in 2018 following years of battling with his fitness, the icon’s life has spiralled out of of control. From bigamy claims to being millions of pounds in debt to having his property seized, Ronaldinho has suffered an incredible fall, even worse than humpty dumpty’s.

And now, he’s being probed for entering Paraguay with a fake passport.

Here’s a look at all the unfortunate happenings since he officially retired in 2018

Timeline of Events

1. In 2018, he allegedly got married to two women – Beatriz Souzza and Priscilla Coelho at the same time. It was said at the time that he had gifted the beauties engagement rings, and the ceremony took place at his £5million mansion in Rio de Janiero.

2. Ronaldinho then had a bitter split with Priscilla after six years together, and she launched a lawsuit for a share of his £70 million fortune. It was reported by Priscilla’s mom – Maria Aldenice that he had a three-way relationship with the two women who both lived in his mansion.

“He had his bedroom for him and Priscilla, and another bedroom for him and Beatriz,” she said. They would never be together in the same bed. One day would be Priscilla’s and the next day Beatriz’s. He gave both of them the same amount of spending money every month and he would give them exactly the same gifts. He once gave both a Rolex watch.”

Maria said that Priscilla had had enough by the end of 2018, and walked away from Ronaldinho after a huge row.

3. Still in 2018, he had terrible financial woes and rosecutors raided his mansion to secure assets, including his car collection and an expensive painting. He had his passport confiscated and it was discovered that he only had £5 in his account and was unable to pay off a debt accrued by his charity.

Officers secured two BMWs and a Mercedes-Benz from the property as they attempted to recover funds to meet the fine.

4. Furthermore, the Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute – which helps children and teenagers – was found guilty of environmental damage by the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul in 2013. They were said to have cut down the native forest and carried out drainage and land movement without a licence.  His previous debt for environmental damage remained unpaid and had risen to £2m.

5. On top of that, Ronaldinho was reportedly being pursued by creditors seeking to recover £1.69m in other debts, including council taxes, according to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

6. Last summer, Ronaldinho had 57 properties seized and his Brazilian and Spanish passports taken away from him.

7. Ronaldinho is currently being held by the cops in Paraguay for allegedly using a fake passport to enter the country. Police searched the hotel he was staying in with his brother in Asuncion and uncovered the ‘false documents’.

Paraguay’s interior minister Euclides Acevedo told ESPN Brazil that the pair hadn’t been arrested, but were under investigation.

They are said to be co-operating with the authorities and deny any wrongdoing. Ronaldinho had travelled to Paraguay to promote a book and a campaign for unprivileged children before the bust.

It’s the latest shame in the chapter of Ronaldinho’s life, that has had more twists and turns than one of his famous mazy dribbles. What next for the fallen icon?

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